Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The marvellous richness of nature

Being in the vicinity, I couldn't resist a short early evening stroll near magical Stokesay Castle.

Unfortunately the castle was just closing, so I only got glimpses from the churchyard...

..and the lane.

It really is a remarkable survivor from medieval times.

To add to my delight the sky was full of chattering house martins. I rarely see hundreds of martins in the air these days. These wee birds were congregated on the castle roof, in the early evening sunshine.

Everynow and then they took off in a noisy flurry - a 'richness' of house martins - into the air. They circled then settled back on the old roof tiles, only to fly off and round again a few minutes later. It was wonderful.

My video is handheld on a tiny Panasonic but I think it captures some of the energy and exuberance of these beautiful little birds.

Soon they'll be leaving us and heading south. They are declining in numbers and amazingly we still don't know exactly where they go or how they get there. BTO's latest tracking survey will helpfully reveal scientific data we can use to answer those questions and help us all protect them. Although based on recent disregard for scientific data & protection of wildlife by our elected representatives perhaps that is a forlorn hope.

Good luck little Stokesay martins!

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  1. A favourite place (last visited about 35 years ago!) and nicely captured in the evening sunlight.